One of the world’s
leading glove brands

80 years of making gloves has taught
us that every day is different.

Photographer: Hestra/Kent Malm

The family business Martin Magnusson & Co. was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third generation of Magnussons.
Both design and development is done at the headquarters
in the small town of Hestra.

Our gloves are manufactured in our own factories and we personally buy all leather, fabric, wool and other materials. This gives us control of the production chain and ensures a high level of quality. Several of our models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.

Skiers Lodge Guide Service favorite gloves from Hestra

Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet

Warm and durable glove in longer version making it suitable for those who often ski powder and need a reliable glove on the mountain. The G-loft insulated liner is removable making it easy to take out to wash or dry. The glove can also be combined with other liners for greater adaptability in varying conditions.

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Glove care

5 tips for a long life
Hestra gloves are made to last. With some love and care they
will last even longer. Good for you, good for the environment.

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Photo: Hestra